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Do Not Give Me Any Lip Productions

Lady Kinglsey Cadet Collar Shirt - FREE Shipping

Lady Kinglsey Cadet Collar Shirt - FREE Shipping

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The inspiration for this shirt was the Drag Queen Show at Forsyth Technical Community College ,Winston Salem, North Carolina .The show featured a Drag Queen dressed as a pole dancer and a fourteen year old girl seated in a chair center stage. The Drag Queen straddled the young lady and put his jock in her face. His gyrations had the entire staff and parents giggling at the sexual abuse this child had to endure .No one objected or came to her aid.

Forsyth Technical Community College is taking the incident under advisement, in short "Perhaps acceptable".

Mothers must protect their families from evil and instill fear in the minds of those thinking of sexual abuse of children.

100% polyester - only in color shown

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