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Do Not Give Me Any Lip Productions

"Thank You For Your Business" Patriotic T-Shirt - FREE Shipping

"Thank You For Your Business" Patriotic T-Shirt - FREE Shipping

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This theme has been troubling me for many years.

While China is getting stronger The United States is getting weaker. Our manufacturing jobs and wealth have been exported in the name of cheaper prices. Which is a lie. The price we are paying for these cheaper goods has destroyed neighborhoods , cities, states and the Nation.

Our families are depressed with little hope for the future. The Chinese approach to commerce is to wage war in the market place. Destroy the competition by whatever means possible and dominate the market place by whatever means necessary. A country’s peacetime industry can be refitted in weeks to a war time economy.
Example, a power drill will be converted to a machine gun from drawings always on file for immediate conversion. If this were December 7, 1941 we would loose.

Our children are being distracted. China could defeat us without firing a shot.
The Teachers union has prover their incompetence and must be disbanded.

Made in China is a nightmare. Our approach is a bigger nightmare.

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